Workplace – On Site Massage

Businesses are more aware than ever of the effect of stress and ill health on the overall output of their staff. As a result onsite therapies are being increasingly employed as part of a “care for staff” package.

“Stress has consistently been one of the most commonly reported types of work-related illness cited in the national Labour Force Survey (LFS) conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The prevalence of stress in 2011/12 was 428 000 cases (40%) out of a total of 1 073 000 cases for all work-related illnesses.”

How can I access therapies in the workplace?

Each company will have their own ways to facilitate the use of an onsite therapist, ranging from employees paying in full for their own treatment, or the employer may choose to subsidise the cost either in part or in full or be used as an incentive to enhance productivity from the workforce. I will provide my own therapy equipment.

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