“Louise has visited our company on a monthly basis for the past 7 years offering onsite therapies. As the manager of one of the teams, and one of Louise’s regular clients I would highly recommend any company employs the services of this very talented therapist. Her clinical experience and knowledge of a wide variety of health conditions is evident in her approach to each member of staff. I have staff queuing up to see Louise. Louise brings her own therapy equipment, although due to the success of therapies we have now purchased our own static therapy couch that is shared between the first aid staff and Louise when she is in the building”.


“I have been having regular Massage and Reiki healing for a deep rooted physical and emotional imbalance for the last 2 years at the theatre in London. As an actor I am on stage for 8 shows per week and cannot afford time out of the show due to ill health. When I first started seeing Louise, my immune system was low (I was off work with repeated infections) and I was suffering with stress and anxiety. I see Louise every 6 weeks for a combination of massage and reiki and can honestly say she has helped me turn my life around!! Not only is she a talented therapist but a truly gifted individual who knows how to listen to me. She offers advice when needed and has referred me to another health professional. I would recommend her to anyone who has suffered with chronic stress related conditions”


“Louise is one of those rare teachers who can share information with you in a way you forget she is teaching you. Her passion for healing and helping others is evident throughout her dynamic and warm teaching style.
She has an insatiable appetite for learning herself, which comes across in the way she teaches. She teaches with infectious enthusiasm; humour; love and compassion. Louise teaches with no hidden agenda, no ego and openly shares her experiences of healing both herself and others, inspiring to those learning from her.
I could listen to Louise teaching all day and every day. She is unaware of her infectious warmth she exudes, and this in itself is truly captivating. Her way of communicating with a variety of people is evident in the way she is able to adapt to each and every learner. She exudes humility, honesty, integrity and compassion for her students.”


“Louise is one of those rare therapists who works for the NHS as a healer and therapist. Her passion for healing and helping others in evident throughout her dynamic and warm communication style. You almost forget she is a professional therapist as her warm and inspiring approach relaxes me in an instant. She has an infectious enthusiasm for her work and treats me with respect, compassion and humour. Her style is truly captivating. Her integrity is incredible. With her experience of treating others within the NHS and other television cast/crew and West end productions I know I can fully trust her. She is well known within our industry for visiting actors/actresses in the privacy of their own homes. She never ever tells anyone who she treats. Essential in our line of work. She exudes humility; honesty; integrity and compassion. My overall health and well being has improved enormously since having regular treatments with Louise. She approaches my health and wellbeing with years of clinical experience yet retains an almost angelic feel to the way she leaves you feeling after treatment. One in a million!!”


“I have been seeing Louise for the past 12 years for regular Reflexology and healing. I credit my regular therapies with overall good health and wellbeing. I initially saw Louise as a cancer patient, but have been clear for 12 years. Louise is always updating her skills and passing her new knowledge to us as her patients. I feel well for a few weeks until I next see Louise”


“I first met Louise via her clinic at Bupa in 2006. As a patient with severe endometriosis and severe monthly pain It was suggested I try Reflexology with Louise. I have never looked back! She is so knowledgeable and manages my pain for me. The treatment not only helps with the pain but helps manage the bowel condition I have developed as a side effect of endometriosis. She is one in a million. Thank you Louise”.


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