Sound Therapy – using tuning forks

The laws governing Quantum Physics has demonstrated that everything in the Universe is made up of vibrational fields and the human body is no exception.Sound Therapy Tuning Forks
Like fine tuning a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical/mental/emotional balance. By using a specific set of frequencies known to bring about rapid positive changes, clients will feel the benefit after one treatment.

Every organ, cell, tissue, bone, and liquid of the body, and also the electromagnetic fields which surround the body (aura), has its own vibratory frequency. When we become unhealthy both physically and emotionally our frequencies are adversely affected. By using specific frequencies to return the body/mind back to balance we see health conditions improving.

Benefits of sound therapy:

  • A state of balanced wholeness
  • Relief from chronic and acute pain.
  • Fully integrate body and mind to experience deep relaxation
  • For deep meditation
  • Centre the body and mind

Clients remain fully clothed for this treatment. Ideally suited to 30 minute – hourly treatments.
This treatment is best suited to a relaxing environment lasting up to an hour or more. However quick pain relief treatments can be offered onsite in the workplace.

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