Solution focussed NLP and Life-coaching

Would You Like To:

  • Be free from emotional pain.
  • Be able to remove emotional/mental blocks preventing you living the life you desire.
  • Be full of confidence and self-belief
  • Be able to achieve better health and more energy.
  • Be free to achieve your goals
  • Be able to change your subconscious limitations into opportunities for growth.
  • Be able to create the life you desire


There will be times in our lives when we hit a point of realising we are not where we want to be. We may feel lost, unhappy, overwhelmed and lacking in confidence. Being in the wrong job; wrong relationship; not achieving our goals and generally not being happy can eat away our confidence and self-esteem.

My role as your life coach is to empower you to dissolve the emotional blocks holding you back, before helping you to work out what you really want and focus on how to get it. My role is to help you gain control over various aspects of your life and motivate you to turn your problems into your opportunities. I will help you change your limiting beliefs into opportunities for growth.

Whether it is confidence and self-esteem, discovering what you want, setting a new direction/goals, making decisions, overcoming anxiety, resentment, or jealousy or getting through a depression – these powerful sessions help you make the changes you need to make.
I use a unique blend of Life Coaching, NLP, Thought Field Therapy and Healing to get to the root issues quickly, before resolving them during the session.

The main areas of coaching I deal with:

Stress Management; Confidence; Depression/Anxiety; Work/life Balance; Energy; Family; Goal setting; Health; Motivation; Personal development; Relationships

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