Reiki Healing 2 day courses with Louise of JustB

This course can Residential or non residential

Learning how to use Reiki as a self-healing method is an empowering way to manage stress. The effects of stress have far reaching consequences on the mind and body. By becoming attuned to
Reiki (achieved during the 2 days), you will learn how the effects of hidden stress/emotions, can directly affect the mind/body, before, being taught how to manage and improve your overall health.

Due to government legislation in January 2011, and in accordance with the guidelines as determined by the Reiki Council, the teaching of Reiki has to adhere to these regulations. With Just B you have the following routes available to you (please feel free to contact me direct for further clarification).

Reiki training is suitable for both those who wish to use it only for friends and family and for those who wish to work professionally as a healer. For those who wish to take the professional route I would suggest that the new Reiki Practitioner Training is the best option (This is a lot more intense than the old style of Reiki 2).
The following are the new levels for Reiki training, in line with the National occupational standards.


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