Who is Louise from Wherever You Are JustB – What is the meaning behind the name.


WhereveryouareJustB (established in 2002) is run by Louise, a successful and highly trained complementary therapist. Louise at JustB will provide you with a wide range of complementary therapies by private appointment, mobile appointment or in a corporate/onsite environment. One of my many roles in the company is offering onsite therapies in the workplace to manage stress and chronic health conditions. Onsite work has taken me as far as treating clients within West End Musicals in London and as close as Cardiff delivering therapies to staff within their work environment.

As part of my training to initially become a Reflexologist in 2001, I was asked to design a business name to identify me as a Reflexologist and therapist. I was (and still do) practise daily meditation. During one of those outdoor meditations (see photo) the concept of the name JustB was developed…

I needed to think of a concept to match how I felt when allowing my body the space to relax during meditation and therapies. During this one particular deep meditation I could see clearly the phrase, that would become my future business name and concept. When I came out of this meditation I wrote down the phrase “Allow the mind and body the space to relax and JustB”. JustB was born in 2002. It remains the name I am identified with. In 2004 I finally took the step to become a full time self- employed taking JustB forward. At this time I was a fully qualified Reflexologist; Reiki Master Teacher; Reflexologist working with cancer patients; Hopi ear candling; Massage; Indian head massage and working towards more therapies that would be able to help the people I would treat in the future.

My Experience/Background:

View from St Davids

I am a well-established therapist specialising in Reflexology; Reiki (Master Teacher-classes offered); Aromatherapy; Thought Field Therapy; Sound therapy and other therapies. I have continually updated my qualifications in the clinical sector, most recently completing essential oils in the clinical setting. I have a wide range of clinical experience, including working with Cancer patients; Mental Health; M.S; Maternity/Infertility; Endometriosis and many more conditions. I have a wealth of experience treating patients one to one; in a clinical setting; mobile; West end theatre; on-site therapies for businesses and regularly provide lectures on the benefits of therapies in both education and NHS settings. I previously ran clinics in an NHS setting; BUPA (now Spire Health Care) before continuing my practice independently.

I have worked extensively with cancer patients and their families, and, as such have a wealth of experience in this area. Not only do I treat patients at Velindre Cancer centre in Cardiff and the Teenage Cancer Trust at UHW, but have previously been invited to clinical environments such as NHS and private hospitals/clinics to provide seminars on the benefits of using therapies in cancer care and other health conditions.
Not only do I work with this patient group but have a variety of clients with differing needs from Back pain; stress; anxiety/depression; pain; fatigue; insomnia to name but a few. I also work in London on monthly basis working in the West End offering therapies on site at several theatres. I have also worked on several touring productions at the Millenium centre in Cardiff and other television productions. I have built up a dedicated and consistent base of work in these areas.

I am a qualified lecturer and have taught with various colleges and community education to provide courses in holistic therapies. My passion for therapies was given a new direction within the teaching setting. I still continue to teach Reiki as a private teaching school but also teach others how to be trainers within their industry 

Are you a therapist wanting to teach others and gain an accredited training qualification? How do I achieve a training certificate to teach others .


BA Hons (Pcet); Cert Ed; Diploma Therapies, Post Grad Therapies; Reiki Master Teacher. MFHT; PACT

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